Anger explodes at Yahoo Mail redesign disaster as key functions are removed or broken

Did someone miss the memo that Microsoft ate Yahoo? —Years ago? Honestly, people.

I fail to understand how an MS Gui going bad makes news. It’s been happening to Word® since 1989. It’s been designed directly into IE since 1994.

Of all the complaints I only kind of disagree with one… Deleting of addresses. At first I thought it was unheard of but their explanation made sense. Addresses that are dormant for 12 months are deleted. If follows that if they delete an address that they should delete it from your contacts. It seems that only the email address is deleted and not other info. This would prevent you from sending an email with potentially personal information to a stranger who has taken on that address. It makes sense to me in the long run when we just run out of word combinations.

Mean While At Yahoo…

New CEO: So I’m going around, meeting staff . . . what are you guys working on today?
Programmers: Uhhhhhhhh . . . Oh yeah, this new email interface! It’s super important because stuff!

You’d think they’d learn from the new Gmail UI disaster leading to hordes of people fleeing and old people crying as they suddenly fail to do something they were capable of just the day before.

Yahoo responded to ZDNet’s request for comment by ignoring what we asked and giving us a Help page link, descriptions of its design changes, and copy/pasted text used repeatedly by Admins in its Uservoice forums about how these changes are part of ‘modernizing’ Yahoo.

Spoken as a true corporation in touch with its users.

I hate that they removed the tabs. I found having tabs made for more efficient use and kept me more productive. That’s why i was wondering why my yahoo mail started looking like it’s 1997 recently.

I don’t buy too much into conspiracy theories, but I smell the NSA and Yahoo in bed together. How else is Yahoo going to stay alive, other than to whore itself out?

If the NSA wanted access to emails, their job would be much more difficult with tabs and folders. And what the fuck is up with address book entries being deleted on purpose?

Doesn’t it seem like Yahoo, and Google, are just looking for things to change? It’s as if they don’t test these with real everyday people before rolling out the changes. Everyone understands that things change, what they don’t understand is why the changes are so bad. It’s like yahoo and google just ripped a page out from the Microsoft play book, which is the gumption that our Phd expert in UI knows better than you the sap that has to just deal with it. Wrong, wrong, so wrong. It’s just bizarre that Microsoft almost killed itself over doing these very same things and yet yahoo and google are starting to do them now.

So, Yahoo will probably fix some of the more glaring issues over the next few weeks/months, but they’re not ever going to revert. They’d presumably committed several million dollars to this redesign, and so far as I know, no major company has reverted a huge initiative like this due to user outrage.

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