Malala to Barack Obama : End the Drone Strikes

I would have personally liked to see her take a much harder stance. TBH, considering what America has done to Afghanistan and that region, I would be ashamed of saying it was an honor to meet Obama.

Whats the deal with her making education her primary agenda? its as if she recognizes that her fame might bring about some change but that this fame is only worth minor change in the eyes of the rich and powerful. Thus she is not overstepping her mark and narrowing her focus to just one issue. Which is bullshit. Don’t stop at education, every issue in her country is important, every person is worthy of the best standard of living that can be provided.

She should be getting in the face of these world powers, pointing out their hypocrisy and demanding everything and more. The third world should not be begging for scraps off of western capitalism, they are human and deserve the exact same peace and prosperity.

And she only criticizes the drone attacks? there is a whole fu**ing book of human rights abuses she should be throwing at him.

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